hello VOyagers!

How has your week been treating you?

It’s been a little crazy here this week. My days have been filled with a lot of voicing (which is always a good thing), along with some frustrations regarding ordering doors and windows for my new studio. You’d think these people would WANT my money, but I guess they have enough and don’t really care for my business. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to say that I’ve placed the order by the end of today…crossing my fingers.

On a sadder note, earlier this week someone I went to college with lost his almost decade long battle with Leukemia. Reid was a really great person. While we were never close, I got to know him a lot better after college. He was interested in voiceover so we would talk periodically about the business. He also wrote this incredibly honest and brave blog about living with and treating Leukemia.

Reid was someone to be admired. Incredibly funny, talented, friendly, warm, and well loved. He touched a lot of people, more than probably could know. Cancer sucks. It’s truly not fair that someone who was such a genuinely GOOD person would leave us at only 32. He will be missed.

Along side this personal connection, there was also that horrific and heart breaking shooting here in North Carolina. My heart goes out to all the friends and family of the reporter and cameraman.

All of this has brought up quite a bit of my own personal tragedy. I lost my Mom to Lung Cancer in May 2010, so while the loss is not fresh it does get drudged up sometimes when I hear news like this. Suffice to say, I’ve been feeling very sad all week, but I know you just need to let yourself feel these things and day by day it gets easier.

Wishing you all a love and laughed filled weekend!

Reid being all funny and stuff


A melancholy Friday
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