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For most of us, starting is the hardest part and for others it’s follow through. We make promises to ourselves — “Tomorrow is day one.” “This is the last hurrah and then I’ll change.” “This time it’ll stick.”

There are tons of excuses. “I didn’t sleep well last night.” “Brr…it’s freezing out there.” “I’d rather relax and watch Netflix.”

I think for a lot of us, we may be afraid that it’ll be too hard, or we won’t see the results we want. What if things have gotten TOO out of control. The truth is, it’s never too late to make a change. It’s just a matter of making a choice and sticking to it. Easier said than done…I KNOW.

Just like with anything we have a defining moment that FORCES us to make that change. Maybe you’re trying to get pregnant and can’t because it isn’t safe for you or the baby. Maybe you find out that you’re bordering line diabetic and if you don’t make a change you could have a debilitating disease. Maybe it’s that you’ve always dreamed of running a marathon and actually found the PERFECT race you’d like to finish.

Whatever that defining moment, you have to follow up with starting, and no matter what hopes and dreams we have the reality is we aren’t going to be able to run a mile or do 30 pull ups at first. But what you can do is make SMALL CHANGES.

  • WALK every day for 30 minutes
  • Get up when the ALARM goes off instead of laying in bed playing on your phone
  • CHOOSE oatmeal with raisins rather than a bagel with schemer
  • Get GRILLED VEGGIES over those fried sides
  • Replace sodas/spirits/juices with SPARKLING WATER or Unsweet Tea
  • BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER and build yourself up rather than tear yourself down

I challenge you to make a 30 day commitment to do JUST ONE of these, or make your own. TRACK your progress on a calendar, in a planner, or a notebook. MAKE IT SPECIAL. By something that will make you happy to write your journey on. Put it somewhere you will see every day, and write in it at the SAME TIME every day. Maybe while sitting down for your morning coffee, on your lunch break or right before you go to sleep.

YOU CAN DO THIS! I believe in you. Truly. And you deserve to be happy, healthy, and proud.

Small Changes

Small Changes
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