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Fun fact about me…my first love was Elvis Presley.


I mean, come on — how could you expect a 4 year old not to fall in love when a beautiful, baby faced man, with a sweet, satin voice & rockin’ dancing moves that a toddler instinctually does as well.

So here’s some morning sass from the King himself (go ahead add it to your playlist)


A little less conversation, a little more ACTION
A little less conversation, a little more ACTION


Finished re-painting the ceiling this weekend. FINALLY!

Now on to my workout check-in for last week. Even though Amanda over at Run To the Finish has decided to put the #bestfoot linkup on hold for now I’m stilling to call this my #bestfoot check-in because she’s inspired me with that hashtag ever since last fall when I signed up for Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge aka HBBC.

Day Workout Time Miles
Monday 5/26 Walking 1:00:56 3.00
Tuesday 5/27 Rest Day
Wednesday 5/28 Walking 1:44:02 5.51
Thursday 5/29 Walking 1:18:24 4.00
Friday 5/30 Walking – In the rain 1:58:55 6.00
Saturday 5/31 Rest Day
Sunday 6/01 Painted Ceiling
Total 18.51


Also wanted to share with you my walking recap from this month! Lost 5lbs just from walking and looking forward to stepping up the activity in June.streak_may2014




  • What did your workouts look like this week?
  • Who was your first childhood love?


My first love & #bestfoot check-in
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