100 Happy Days

If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you may have noticed I started the #100HappyDays challenge (yep I’m one of THOSE people). I just love this idea, and have always been a big believer in finding the happiness in the smallest things. The great thing about this challenge is the self-awareness it creates to make you actively appreciate all the amazing things in your life whether it’s a really great cup of tea, to a beautiful sunset, an amazing farmer’s market find, or a great night out with friends.  Whatever makes you happy you should recognize it and truly enjoy it.

Don’tcha think?

So flippin' happy! Working in the sunshine while @mattnathanson is making new music annnnd once again he nails it.
So flippin’ happy! Working in the sunshine while @mattnathanson is making new music annnnd once again he nails it. Listen here!

You can follow my challenge with the hashtag #100daysofLaurenhappiness



Last week was not such a stellar performance, however I worked through it and still got out to walk most of the days. Those that I didn’t I spent working on the house. As you know from last week’s check-in I’m in the middle of getting my house ready to put on the market so my activity was there just not in the traditional sense. Also another fun development…some of my fellow voice talent who will be attending FaffCon in the fall have decided to join in on weight loss challenge of #30byFaff. So excited to see this come together and to hop on the motivation train.

Now on to my workout check-in for last week. Even though Amanda over at Run To the Finish has decided to put the #bestfoot linkup on hold for now I’m stilling to call this my #bestfoot check-in because she’s inspired me with that hashtag ever since last fall when I signed up for Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge aka HBBC.

Day Workout Time Miles
Monday 6/02 Walking (2x) 7.00
Tuesday 6/03 Walking 3.01
Wednesday 6/04 Rest
Thursday 6/05 Rest
Friday 6/06 Walking 3.00
Saturday 6/07 Walking 3.00
Sunday 6/08 Rest
Total 16.01



  • Do you get inspiration to stay on track from challenges?
  • Which #hashtag challenges have you done?
  • Are you part of the #100HappyDays family?
100 Happy Days and #bestfoot check-in
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